Not only does mulch keep your beds looking sharp, it also helps maintain soil temperature and locks in moisture for healthier plants!

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    Mulching your beds serves a number of purposes. Aesthetically, your yard will look great with afresh coat of mulch in the beds.  For your plants, mulch helps maintain a more consistent soil temperature, aids in the retention of water for plants, suppresses some weeds, and adds nutrients into the beds as it breaks down over the years.

    For existing beds,we generally apply a one inch thick layer of mulch.  Beds with fewer plants receive lighter applications of mulch, while beds dense with flowers and shrubs get a thicker layer.

    During the application process, some dust may get on the house and surrounding areas if the weather has been very dry.  We follow each job with a clean up of this dust. Please be sure to let us know right away if we may have missed any spots where dust accumulates.  Also, depending on the time of year, if there are many perennials and annuals in the beds,there may be some incidental damage to some plants.  We take great care to minimize any harm to plants during all of our work and do our best to weigh the importance of getting the mulch installed with the proper care of your landscape.

    We use double-shredded hardwood from only premium suppliers of mulch.  This mulch is a dark brown.  Installation of other colors of mulch or mulch which is dyed a darker color is available for an additional fee.  Installation of other types of mulches may also be available.  Please inquire if you are interested in any of these services.

    Most people get a mulching in the beginning of the year. Fall mulching is also available for those who want to give the yard that extra something for the holidays. Beginning of year mulching takes place starting in February.  End of year mulching may take place anytime after August.  We price our mulching to occur before spring annuals are installed or perennials come up.  If you require mulching after these events occur there may be a rate increase reflective of the additional time required to perform this meticulous work.