Leaf Cleanup
Leaf Cleanup

Enjoy fall festivities with your family without the annoyance of all those leaves! Go ahead and admire the changing colors, we’ll take care of the rest.

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    Fall Leaf Clean Up

    If there is one challenge in your yard it’s cleaning up fall leaves, but we think we have it figured out.

    Each week from the end of October through the first week of December, leaves on driveways,walkways and decks and leaves in the grass areas will be picked up and removed during our Regular Visits. If you have designated a natural or other area for leaf storage, we will place leaves in that area. Otherwise, we will be removing these leaves from the property.

    We will return in December to perform a more thorough clean up. During this visit we will again remove leaves from the grass and hard surfaces as well as remove leaves from beds easily accessible to our crews. The clean up is a more detailed removal of leaves from around the property than the previous ones, but not a complete and total cleanup of every leaf on the property.

    As leaves in this area continue to fall through the end of the year, we make time for one additional final clean up in January. This is a complete removal of every leaf we can reasonably get to on your property. Every season we impress our clients with this final clean up thanks to the detail of and efficiency with which we work.

    If you would like pine needle clean up to be included with regular Fall Leaf cleaning, be sure to make this request as this is not generally included in the cost of the service.

    Our clean up schedule will keep your lawn looking good throughout the falling leaf season. For an even more detailed level of clean up, we offer a Premium Leaf Clean up service.

    Premium Leaf Clean up

    For those who want that immaculate look each time we care for your yard during leaf season, we offer our Premium Leaf Clean Up. This service is in addition to our regular weekly clean up through the first week of December. As well as cleaning the hard surfaces and grass areas, our crew will spend the extra time necessary to remove leaves which have accumulated in beds and bushes. During the holiday season, the service gives your yard the “visit ready” look all the time.