Hedging & Pruning
Hedging & Pruning

Hedging and pruning keep your shrubs looking their best and is a critical part of lawn care and maintenance! Leave the task to us and your lawn will be turning more heads than ever before!

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    Annual Hedging and Pruning

    In order to maintain plant health and shape, hedging and pruning should take place regularly. Most plants left to grow on their own around your house will eventually outgrow their space and begin to look unnatural in the confines of your yard. Addressing this should be a crucial part of your lawn care and yard maintenance program. By caring for your plants properly, their life in your yard will be extended and your landscape will look as it was originally intended.

    Our Annual Hedging and Pruning includes between two and three scheduled visits to care for your plants. The specific number of visits will be determined by the type of plants in your yard.

    In the Central Virginia area, Richmond especially, we have a wide array of ornamental hedges, shrubs, trees and other plants that need scheduled pruning.

    Our Winter Hedging takes care of decorative grasses such as liriope and pampas grass and decorative trees such as crape myrtles. Green shrubs such as hollies may be touched up as this time as well asbar berries and the like.

    Spring Hedging service occurs after shrubs have completed their blooming and spring growth cycle. Hedge rows and bushes are shaped and all the shrubs are looked over for needed pruning. Items such as azaleas and nandinas are pruned carefully by hand to maintain a natural and full look.

    The Fall Hedging is generally a touch up of slower growing plants and a trimming of more aggressive shrubs and those with leaders that have grown out of place. Perennials out of bloom will be cut back as needed.

    Hedging and pruning rates include all items up to 12 feet tall. Please request a quote for any hedging and pruning for plants taller than 12 feet.

    Each plant has its own pruning time and technique required to best care for its growth and health. With proper scheduling and care, your shrubs and plants can maintain their peak beauty throughout the year.