About Us

About Us

Weeded! Lawn Service Truck Weeded! Lawn Service provides Lawn Care throughout the year to ensure your lawn is healthy and aesthetically pleasing. When you choose a lawn care provider, you are placing the value of your home in their hands. That’s why Weeded! Lawn Service has implemented the following schedule, making sure your lawn is presently attractive, and will continue to be throughout the coming months. To find out exactly what Weeded! Lawn Service is doing to your yard during any given week of the year.

Easy Payment ScheduleIn order to provide a consistent bill to our clients each month, the total charge for all services provided to your yard for a 12 month period is divided into twelve equal monthly payments. This eliminates any seasonal surprises when a lot of work is performed, such as in the Spring and Fall. Essentially, Weeded! Lawn Service is extending credit to our clients by allowing payments to be made sometimes long after services are performed.

You may pay us by check each month or set up an automatic draft whereby the monthly payment is automatically taken out of your checking account. We do not send a bill out to you if there is no balance on your account. Many of our clients also set up an automatic payment on their own via their personal bank – a service most banks provide.

Please do not hesitate to call or email us if at any time you would like to add a service to an annual agreement or have us do a one time service for you.

Should there be any reason you would want to stop service to your yard, simply notify us in writing (an email or a note with your payment will suffice) thirty days before the date on which you want service to stop. At the end of that period we will reconcile your account and provide you with an accounting of the actual services performed versus the payments made by you and the balance due on your account.